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Since 1976 CESSDA has existed as an umbrella organization for social science data archives across Europe, working to improve access to a wide range of data for researchers and students. Collectively they serve over 30,000 researchers, provide access to more than 100,000 data collections per year, and enhance the exchange of data and technologies among data organizations. The purpose of CESSDA ERIC is to increase the impact of CESSDA ERIC members’ efforts by providing full scale, integrated and sustainable research infrastructures that enable the research community to conduct high-quality research that in turn leads to effective solutions to the major challenges facing society today. CESSDA ERIC supports national and international research and cooperation in areas expected to be of great importance in the future. A major objective for CESSDA ERIC is to provide seamless access to data across repositories, nations, languages and research purposes. Data will thus be created, described, and preserved in ways that facilitate use for a variety of purposes. CESSDA ERIC encourages standardization of data and metadata, data sharing and knowledge mobility across Europe. CESSDA ERIC plays an active part in the development of standards and, even more importantly, encourages and facilitates the use of metadata standards for documenting and publishing the existing inventories of research data available from national as well as cross-national resources in Europe. The diversity of languages within the European Research Area creates invisible borders and often research resources are only available for researchers using the specific language area in which they are captured or created. Researchers outside that language cannot access important national data. Thus, overcoming language barriers is an essential need for the research communities and will be an important area for CESSDA ERIC. A prioritized target for CESSDA ERIC lies in the enabling and in the overall coordination of national research infrastructures across national borders, across institutional borders, and across language barriers in Europe. By implementing the new information and communication technologies in an intelligent Pan-European manner, substantial steps will be taken in the coming years and the accessibility of both data and documentation across Europe will be realized. CESSDA ERIC is the Consortium of Social Science Data Archives. It is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) as of 2017 and has 18 member countries in Europe. Each member has assigned a national data service provider for ingest, curation, archiving and distribution of social research data. As an EU Research Infrastructure, CESSDA ERIC has significant experience and technical expertise to provide quality support and additional value for integration and consolidation of EOSC. CESSDA ERICs focus and experience on technical proficiency, development of integrated and sustainable data services on one hand, and international cooperation as an attribute inherent to CESSDA ERIC on the other, will contribute to goals set out for further successful EOSC development.

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