Welcome to the Marketplace Projects!

With Marketplace Projects you can organise your services and service orders into a logical blocks to reflect a common scientific purpose and gain support for the created Marketplace Project.

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As the services available in the Marketplace are available for all European researchers you can precise your customer typology. Tell us, whether you want to use available EOSC resources in the scope of:

  • your own academic research,
  • larger community collaboration,
  • EC project or maybe
  • R&D work of your company.

and along with a general description of your scientific work you will be able to get assistance from international technical teams who provide advice on the most suitable solutions to address your digital needs. To get this support, after creating a MP Project please go to ‚CONTACT WITH PROJECT SUPPORT’ tab.

When ready to start using EOSC services, with ‚Services’ tab you can select EOSC resources and solutions suitable for your work. Some of them you will be able to start using right away, some will require you to issue access request (Marketplace order). For the latter, Marketplace Projects will be the place to follow the status of your orders, get all relevant information about the service access when the access is granted and contact the EOSC support if necessary.

So find out how EOSC can support your scientific needs and use our quick creation form to add your first Marketplace project!

If you need help with creating a new project, don't hesitate and contact with our support.

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